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I’m leaving until sunday evening!

I’m going to italy with my parents so I won’t be active for a few days. sorry guys. I’ll try to get up a queue next time because I totally forgot do it this time. oops. Have a great easter weekend everyone =)

gablargh replied to your post “Sweden,England,Finnland or Australia?”

You know that many places in finland they also speak swedish so its perfectly fine learning Swedish there. I think. Im from norway so im not really sure. But yep, swedish, Norwegian and danish has a lot of similarities to German and English so Finnish is probably harder to…

I had the same impression. They have their site in swedish too so I guess swedish would be fine but I just feel like I should learn the language of the place I wanna go to. Especially because I’ll have to learn a language anyway unless I decide to go to sidney…norway would be cool to go to as well! But my school doesn’t send students there often so I guess it would be easier to go to one with whom we have more active relations.

robinfox replied to your post “Sweden,England,Finnland or Australia?”

Helsinki hat ne super Uni und wirklich tolle Leute. Die Stadt selbst is auch super schön, und klar finnisch is deutlicher schwerer zu lernen aber dafür ist es wie ich finde ne mega schöne Sprache :D

Helsinki reizt mich als stadt schon lange, aber ich müsste ein finnisch “diplom” vorweisen um mich bewerben zu können…jedenfalls nach deren website. Ich weiss nicht, es ist wirklich eine schwierig entscheidung! und dann muss ich einfach hoffen dass ich auch angenommen werde für den austausch^^

One of your followers is icelandic.. hehe

ou really? That’s awesome! I love iceland =) I was there a few years ago on a riding tour. But I’m really afraid of the cold winters there^^’

Iceland too!

Sorry I forgot you, reykjavik is an option too. It’s so hard to decide where I wanna go for my abroad semester!!

Sweden,England,Finnland or Australia?

Those are the choices I made so far considering my semester abroad. (Studying visual communication/design) I think I’ll prefer sweden over finnland though due to the language…but I’m not sure. Anyone from those countries? What’s the best, worst about them?
England and Australia have a pro because I already speak the language. But England is not very different from where I live, I liked there to be a bigger cultural difference. Australia would be cool because of it’s good weather and the very open people. But it’s awfully far away and the flight is expensive. Sweden and Finnland are places I want to visit at some point. I’d like to learn more about their culture and I like the sound of the languages (sometimes they are kind of familiar to german and especially swiss german)

The places I could go to (partly due to partner unis partly due to my own choices) are:

Andy ideas, intern knowledge, pros and cons? Do I have any followers from there?? Please let me know!


So I feel like there’s a lot happening at the moment (when actually it’s just a normal life). Last week was really busy because I had to hand in a project and we started a new one (I did slack a little on healthy eating and worked out like once maybe? oooops!!!) On the weekend as I said before I almost read a whole book on saturday and went to my godfathers birthday party on sunday (of course there was only unhealthy food). today I went to see divergent at the cinema and it’s the best book adaption I’ve seen in quite some time (books still better though, books just ruuule) It’s one of my favorite books, maybe even number one so this one you really have to check out, I’m serious. It changed my life. I might even get a tattoo that’s inspired by it.
And tomorrow I have a meeting with the international office at my school to discuss my schools and plans for an abroad semester, yaiii! =) And in the evening we’re having a little class barbecue and chill (and eat lots).
And on thursday I’m going to italy over eastern and when I’m back I really, really ought to apply for some temp jobs and book flights and stuff.

But I really need to eat healthier again before I fall off track again. And kickstart working out again as well! Summer’s getting closer and closer and I wanna shop so much in the US without thinking that it won’t fit soon anyway.

Sooo what are you guys doing?

Sorry guys, I spent my weekend lost in an amazing book

It’s called “coldest girl in coldtown” by holly black and it is absolutely amazing, one of my favorites! I’ve also spent the last one or two weeks reading “read glove” and “black heart” which are by her as well. Those I loved even more. One of my absolute top 5 favorite storyworlds ever!!
You gotta check them out!

Goint to the passport bureau tomorrow to get my new ID card and most importantly my biometric passport done! =) Then I’m all ready for this summer.
Also I’ve found this lovely apartment on airbnb in the heart of williamsburg where my sister and I want to stay when we’re in NY. I hope it’s still free on those dates, cross your fingers!

I’m really sorry I’m not very active these days, I just have a lot to do, life stuff etc. I really need to find a job for the next 1.5 months and 3 weeks in summer. grown up stuff.

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