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Or your mother sneaky bought a bigger size for you

Can’t be, we bought them in Iceland and anyway, would be way too expensive to do just like that.

That sounds so cool, you’re always going places, I’m really jealous =p But yeah, a 1-2 page paper isn’t that bad, you have your intro, you can write about urban farming where you are and then in Shanghai and then you have your conclusion.Not that bad

Yeah I know. But makes me not like it is that I simply don’t really know how to write an essay. We don’t do it often during highschool and an essay in english is different from the ones in german. Since it should be written in english I’m just kind of going with that one but again, not so sure how to do it. It’s something I really love about art school, you usually don’t have to write stuff like this. It should be okay though, hardest part is always getting started. I just really want it to be good because we there are many master students in the project and I only just finished my first bachelor year^^’

This essay sucks but is also really cool

I’m going to Shanghai in 3 weeks with a group form my school. We have a partner school there and will be doing a project about urban farming, together with a school from india.
Now I have to write an essay (1-2p) about urban farming, the futur of china, differences between urban farming there and urban gardening here, also what they have in common, what all this has to do with design etc. Also I field study in Zurich that is more subjectiv.

So yeah, it is pretty complicated and hard because I don’t know too much about it all and because it has to be done by the end of month but I only have time today and tomorrow to do it (was away before) so not much time and lots to do. During summer break. So naturally I really don’t wanna do it, especially the field study. BUT I also discorvered that we actually have an urban farming project right in my city which works with an ultra effeciant style where they use 80% less water , no fertilizer and so on and it actually works so guys are genius!

So yeah, I hate but I also love this assignment. Because it actually is cool to be able to write about stuff that is good for the world for a change. And that is actually also happening where I live and not far over at the other end of the planet. So yeah, kinda cool?

Also I have to think of Elisetheviking because I know she’d love all this =)


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